Protect your site from threats online

Stay safe from malware and other vulnerabilities online, all while building trust with the SiteLock seal.

Choose the plan that’s right for you

SiteLock Essentials

Minimum recommended protection
$ 6.99 Monthly
  • Daily malware scan
  • Automatic malware removal
  • Blacklist monitoring
  • Automated bot blocking
  • SiteLock seal
  • Unlimited web pages scanned
  • 12-hour response time

SiteLock Prevent

Comprehensive site protection
$ 14.99 Monthly
  • Everything in SiteLock Essentials Plan
  • Advanced WAF/CDN
  • DDos protection
  • Database scanning
  • Protection against OWASPThreats
  • Unlimited web pages scanned
  • 6-hour response time

SiteLock Prevent Plus

Our most advanced site security
$ 24.99 Monthly
  • Everything in SiteLock Prevent Plan
  • Continuous malware scan
  • Auto vulnerable application patching
  • 1x Concierge full scan and clean
  • PCI complicance scanning
  • 4-hour response time

*Pricing reflects the monthly cost when purchasing in-full, upfront, for a one year term. This service is on auto-renew.


Don't take chances with your website

Your site could be at risk for malware, hacking, spam, and more. If search engines detect malware on your site, they may blacklist you, which will damage your search engine rank and reputation. That's where SiteLock Security comes in.

Get ahead of attacks

Stop hackers
with scans

SiteLock Security will scan your website to make sure it’s free of malware, viruses, and more.

Remove malware automatically

If malware is detected, SiteLock will automatically remove the threat.

Stay on top
of threats

If we find something threatening on your site, you’ll be notified immediately.

Earn customer

Display the SiteLock seal on your site to let visitors know that you have security in mind.

24/7/365 support.

We work when you work.

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SiteLock is a cloud-based website security platform that scans your website for malware and vulnerabilities, removes the malicious content, and fixes potential security risks to keep your website safe.

SiteLock detects and resolves most website security issues, including XXS scripting, SQL injection, app scanning, and more. Without SiteLock, your website’s security is at a much higher risk and would require constant vigilance on your part, as well as a fair amount of technical knowledge, in order to resolve any issues.

Each plan scales upwards in features and protection, and it is important to balance the needs of your site against the cost, while ensuring your website gets the necessary protection against the threats that exist online today. SiteLock Essentials provides the minimum recommended protection for your site. SiteLock Prevent will give you more comprehensive protection than Essentials. The SiteLock Prevent Plus plan provides the most advanced site security.

Search engines like Google are able to detect if malware exists on your website. If that happens, they will often blacklist your site and stop sending visitors your way. To become whitelisted again is a difficult process, so it’s much simpler to just not become blacklisted in the first place. SiteLock helps prevent this circumstance by ensuring your site stays clean and safe.

If malware is found, SiteLock downloads your website data to identify and remove it. It then uploads a clean version of your files to restore your site.

SiteLock Prevent and Prevent Plus both include a CDN to help your site load faster by caching it across an international network. If you’re already using a CDN, SiteLock will replace it. You’ll be able to access your CDN settings through the SiteLock dashboard.